Resident Teacher


  • Monk and Dharma teacher in the Plum Village tradition, student of Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Teacher with specialty in Buddhist Psychology and philosophy
  • Teaches mindfulness practice in daily life, helping people to transform their stress, anger, fear, depression, sadness, negative mental energy into freshness, joy, happiness, solidity and peace.

1966: Thay Phap Tru was born in South Vietnam in 1966
1985: He came to Denmark in April
1992: He met Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh first time in Copenhagen in a mindfulness retreat for Danish retreatants.
1993: He finished Engineers Academy at DTU in Lyngby Denmark.
1994: He came to Plum Village in Bordeaux, France to practice mindfulness.
1994: He was ordained as a Buddhist novice monk (practicing 10 mindfulness trainings) in the tradition of Plum Village, became one of the disciples of Zen Master Thích Nhat Hanh, and has a Dharma name Thich Chan Phap Tru.
1996: Thay Phap Tru was fully ordained as a Bhikshu ( full ordained Buddhist monk practicing 250 mindfulness trainings) in the tradition of Plum Village.
2000: He received the lamp transmission from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (TNH) and became a Dharma Teacher.
1996-2005: Thay Phap Tru followed Zen Master TNH to many countries all over the world, helping Zen Master TNH leading mindfulness retreats.
2008: Thay Phap Tru returns to Denmark, and builds the Vietnamese Sangha in Esbjerg for mindfulness practice.
2014: He comes to Copenhagen and builds a Temple in Glostrup for teaching Vietnamese, practicing mindfulness and Buddhism.
2023: He established a mindful living community for Danish and English speakers in Denmark, and is a spiritual leader for this community, and teaches mindfulness practice in the Plum Village tradition.